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  • To be the  environmental consultancy of choice, worldwide
  • To be the company for which every environmental professional wants to work, and
  • To be the best:  most innovative, most exciting, with the best technical and financial performance.

Our Values:

  • Client focus:  we value entrepreneurial, innovative and client-orientated behavior
  • Accountability:  we are each personally accountable and jointly responsible for the success of ERM and for the delivery of quality work to our clients
  • Transparency:  we expect the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in all our transactions in accordance with our ERM Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Empowerment:  we will help all our people to realize their potential
  • Collaboration:  we are one organization globally:  we believe in the principles of partnership, respect for each and every individual and mutual support across the world.

Our Principles:

Our business is underpinned by a number of principles concerning our environment, our business and our people. We are committed to:

  • providing our clients with technical excellence and innovative solutions to help them respond to the challenges of sustainable development;
  • conducting our business with integrity, applying ethical principles to our relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders;
  • respecting the customs and laws of the many countries where we work and have offices;
  • ensuring the health, safety, personal security and well-being of our people;
  • placing a high value on our people as individuals, ensuring the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment at work; and
  • encouraging our people to contribute to their local communities and to the world community.
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