About Us

About our company

Land and Marine Environmental Resource (LAMER) Group a leading Maldivian environmental consultancy firm since 2000, specializing in environmental assessment and management, community consultation, and land use planning providing a wide range of services and practical solutions to public and private sector. It employs qualified urban planners, community consultation specialists, experienced environmental specialists and Auditors. Our team has extensive experience with major State, Private sector projects in the country, as well as few international development projects.

Our vision is to continue and strive as a leading environmental consultancy firm assisted science and its application for sound and informed environmental management and governance.

Our mission and values

  • honesty and transparency in all our business
  • maintain professional integrity and deliver on our commitments
  • consulting and services based on best practice techniques, innovation and quality information
  • safety and health of our staff and client will never be compromised
  • We strive to maintain a workplace culture based on mutual respect and achieving positive outcomes for our clients and the environment in general

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