Our Team

We are a highly committed team of environmental engineers, analysts, surveyors, environmental scientists as well as marine ecologists/biologists dedicated in helping you make environmentally sound decisions through systematic research and open communication with stakeholders.

Our team members have extensive experience with significant projects from public as well as private sector development. The key members of the firm have been involved in national and international level coral reef conservation and management initiatives and have expertise and experience assessing and recommending management options in marine and coastal environmental issues .

Mr. Ismail Abid as Managing Director leads the company with over 20 years of expertise and experience in managing the array of work we provide as part of our consultancy services. Although his key areas of focus are on physical surveys related to land and marine environment including, remote sensing, he oversees all the projects and provides the required guidance and advice.

Ismail Abid

Managing Director

Mr. Hussein Zahir is the lead consultant at LAMER. He has a broad background and experience working on environmental issues complemented with his academic qualification in tropical marine biology and ecology. With over 25 years of experience he has led various projects concerning environmental impact studies and permitting including reclamation for urban and industry developments, waste management, water supply and energy. He has also worked in various climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and studies and advocates on mainstreaming factors to increase resilience of natural resources in line with national development strategies

Hussein Zahir

Director/EIA Consultant, Environmental Specialist, Reef Ecologist

Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) in Coral Reef Ecology

With a background in fisheries biology and management, Shahaama has 18+ years� experience in Fisheries Research and Assessments, as well as Environmental Assessments in different parts of the Maldives. Her key area of work at LAMER focusses on Environmental Impact Assessments for diverse range of development projects.

Shahama Abdul Sattar

Environmental Consultant, Fisheries Biologist

Master of Science in Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Management

Aisha is an Urban Planner with over 10 years of experience in the field of urban planning, environment and development. Taking on a participatory approach, she works with the communities, in integrating resilience and sustainable development into island planning and other development projects.

Aishath Abdulla

Urban planner, Social Assessment Expert

Master of Environment

Rahula joined LAMER in 2017 as a Business Development Officer. With over 10 years of experience in areas of Management and Administration, she is responsible for the day to day operations and Human Resource aspects of the business.

Rahula Suhail

Manager, Business Development

Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

With an educational background in Environmental and Applied Sciences, Shujaath has 5 years of experience in environmental impact assessments in Maldives and specializes in environmental and coastal project management.

Mariyam Shujaath

Projects Coordinator, environmental consultant

Bachelor of Environmental science , Bachelor of applied science (Honors)

Azim comes from a background of scuba diving and joined LAMER after completing his Marine Science Degree from Griffith University in Australia. He enjoys doing work on coral reefs and other coastal ecosystems, as well as diving into terrestrial surveying work.

Azim Musthag

Environmental Analyst, environmental consultant

Bachelor of Marine Science (Majoring in Marine Ecology)

Mizal has been working as a surveyor since 2006. He joined LAMER as a Senior Surveyor in 2017. He is a registered surveyor at the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure with more than 12 years of experience in Topographic and Hydrographic surveys.

Ibrahim Mizal Mohamed

Senior Surveyor

Diploma in Geomatics Engineering

Usman has been working as a Senior Land Surveyor in LAMER for 12 years. During this period, he has worked in some of the major environmental surveying projects conducted in the Maldives. He attained his Professional Diploma in Land Surveying Technology and Certificate in Building Studies from British college of applied studies.

Usman Mohamed

Senior Surveyor

Professional Diploma in Land Surveying